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Asunto: Byam's of Pembroke and Paterchurch
Autor: Orielbenfro
Fecha: lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013
Clasificación: Consulta
Apellidos: Byam Meyricke

Interested in Edward and Lydia Byam of Paterchurch. Believed resided at Llanion House, from which only the orginal tower is left standing in the old H.M. Dockyard. Llanion House stood to the east of Bearspool Farm (now Tesco's), although I believe this should read "to the west"
Edward Byam Esqr was buried at Pembroke St Mary 17 Aug 1768 and his wife on the 09 Dec 1767. Pembroke St Mary parish covered the area of Paterchurch at this time.
The house possibly the original seat of the Meyricke Family of Pembroke passed through a number of families from the early 17th into the ownership of the Byam's.
Tks in advance
Owen Ap Benfo