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Asunto: Daniel Grant Herb from Upper Mahantango - Schuylkill, Pa
Autor: Nellie1560
Fecha: martes, 8 de octubre de 2013
Clasificación: Búsqueda
Apellidos: Herb Troup Sponsler

I have gotten stuck in my research on the Herb family. What I have is this:

Samuel Grant Herb 1894, son of Daniel Grant and Elizabeth Troup Herb.

Daniel Grant Herb (above) (1869), son of Daniel G. & Mary Sponsler Herb.

Daniel G. Herb (above) 1833-35), son of _____________ & _________________________

I seem to think that Daniel G. was married twice. First to a Catherine and then to Mary Sponsler.
The children seem to be born in this order:
Maybe a Felix in 1851 or so ? He isn't listed on the 1860 or 1870 census forms though.
Mary (1853); Emma (1856); Catherine (1858); Lydia (1860) - all born to Catherine and Daniel
Joanna (1864); Maria (1866); Daniel G.(1869) - born to Maria Sponsler and Daniel.