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Asunto: Get a copy of great great grandfather's " Congé de Libération" Zouave Regiment
Autor: julissanoe
Fecha: sábado, 11 de agosto de 2018
Clasificación: Consulta

I'm looking to get a copy of my great great grandfather's discharge paper , " Congé de Liberation" document, so that I can translate it and find out more about him. I have photo of it, but it's not legibly clear. His name was Eugène Noé. He came serving the Zouave 2nd Regiment in Mexico in 1863 ( I believe) . I also have a photo of his " Médaille Commémorative de L'EXPEDITION DU MEXIQUE" document , but I can barely make out his name only. I'm interested in learning where he came from in France, his age , and the job he did for the French Regiment. I have a photograph of him and know he married my great great grandmother Felecitas Velasco in Mexico, but nothing more. What should I do ?