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Asunto: Re: Isabella Jessie Iggo - Newcastle Upon Tyne
Autor: cprellwitz_1
Fecha: sábado, 15 de enero de 2011
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Thank you for this, Joseph. Using your information I found the following -

Ann married Peter Lamb in 1888 in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He was born 1855 in Gateshead, Durham to William Lamb and Ann Taylor. He died 1900 in Newcastle. Ann and Peter had three sons - William (1888, Gateshead), Peter (1891 Newcastle) and John Thomas (1893 Newcastle).

Ann also had another daughter with Lancelot Johnson - Isabella, born abt. 1868 in Newcastle. Ann never worked and never married. She was living with a grandmother - Mary Englsh????? at the time of the 1881 and 1891 censuses. Now WHO is Mary English???

- In 1881 Isabella was a twelve-year-old living with her grandmother (Mary English) and a boarder (Harriet Johnson) at 71 Blandford Street, Westgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.
- In 1891 Isabella was a twenty-three-year-old living with her widowed grandmother (Mary English), siblings (Joseph, George, Lancelot) and two boarders (Clara and Frederick Beattie) at 3a Maple Street, Elswick, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
- In 1891 Annie, as she was listed, was a forty-year-old living with her husband and children sons (William, Peter, Mary, Elizabeth) at 3 Hanover Flats, Hanover Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
- In 1901 Annie, as she was listed, was a fifty-year-old widow living with her children (Isabella, Joseph, George, Lancelot, Elizabeth, Peter, John) at 99 Blenheim Street, Westgate, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
- Lancelot Johnson died at age 21 in 1904 in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
- In 1911 Ann was a sixty-year-old widow working as a housekeeper and living with her children (Isabella, George, Elizabeth) in a two-room dwelling at 12 Brumel Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne.
- In 1911 Peter Lamb was a twenty-year-old working as a coal miner on shift work and boarding with his brother (John) at the home of Thomas John Muller Walls, a coal hewer, in a four-room dwelling at 8 Katherine Street, Hirst Ashington, Morpeth, Northumberland.
- Isabella Johnson died at age 51 in 1920 in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
- Ann Lamb (formerly Johnson, nee Iggo) died at age 84 in 1935 in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
- George Johnson died at age 70 in 1947 in Newcastle Upon Tyne.