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Asunto: This is getting interesting...
Autor: Fred Byam
Fecha: jueves, 16 de mayo de 2002
Clasificación: Consulta
Apellidos: Byam

Mind if I butt in? My family also is descended from the Chelmsford Massachusetts clan. I'm in the Edwin Colby Byam book (my full name is Howard Frederick Byam). I would also be interested in obtaining information about the Byams prior to George coming to America. I would gladly pay expenses for copies and shipping. My branch of the tree calls Missouri home. If you noticed a couple of Byam brothers in the national news a couple of years ago, that was my brother Brad and me. (No, we didn't rob a bank, we apprehended a murderer. It's probably still on, search for my name or Jake Robel) Feel free to e-mail me at