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Beverly or Vesta Jackson cannington, ontario

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Re: Beverly or Vesta JACKSON Cannington, Ontario

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Information on adopted person searching for bio mother and family:

Birth name: Dawn Margaret Jamieson (Jackson bio mom's maiden name)
Birth date and location: August 6, 1969 East York General Hospital 1 PM by C section.
Info: I was put into CAS Toronto's custody at time of birth and placed in Foster care until time of adoption.

Info on Birth mother:

Name: Vesta or Beverley Jackson (Jamieson may have been her married name or bio dads last name)

Birth info: 1930 date and month unknown
Married: 1951
Divorced: 1963

Description: 5'1" 110 lbs approx. thick dark brown hair, brown eyes. olive complexion.

Other children:
Girl - born 1952, dark complexion, average height.
Twins (boy and girl) - 1954, dark hair and light complexion.
Boy 1961 - dark complexion

Info: At the time of birth the other children were in the custody of the their bio father and had moved away.

Bio mothers siblings:

sister: birthdate unknown , married and living in Ontario in 1969. She and her husband operated a service station and restaurant. She had seven children, all of whom were overweight. All had partial high school educations and one was in the navy.

brother Denis (twin): birthdate 1927, 5' 7 1/2" tall with dark hair. Worked in a factory in the shipping and receiving department. He was divorced. He had two children. Daughter would have been born approx 1954. Son birth date unkown

brother Donald Jackson (fraternal twin of above) birth date 1927, Was of fair in colouring. He moved to Alberta in 1951 and did not maintain contact.. Married with children (believed to be 4 children)

brother: Murray - birth date unknown - living near Toronto and in the army. He wa married with a 17 yr old daughter.

Parents of bio mothers parents:

Father: birth date approx : 1899 to 1900 Of English descent, lving in Ontario. He was employed in Maintenance. He was 5' 7" tall, 180 lobs with fair colouring and was one of 14 children, only five or six of whim were stilling living in 1969. They had been a generally healthy family, small in stature with fair complexions.

Mother: Birth date unknown: Was deceased in 1968 after six years in hospital. She was an only child 5' tall with a fair complexion. Her ancestry was Scottish, Irish and Dutch
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