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John Elmer Toth - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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John Elmer Toth - Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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Looking for any information on John Elmer Toth, my great grandfather. I know he had a daughter, Olga, by his legal wife Helen. He also had another daughter, Verna, by Florence Thomas. It is my understanding that Helen and Olga stayed in the Czech Republic during the 1940's & he had immigrated first to the US & then onto Ontario, Canada. Once in Canada he lived with Florence as her husband, but never legally married her nor divorced Helen, despite living with Florence nearly until his death in 1970.

He was born on May 10th, 1905 & died August 4th, 1970.

The only concrete piece of information I have on him is his headstone: https://billiongraves.com/grave/John-E-Toth/4657343 (please note the headstone & website transcription from the headstone do not match). The headstone also makes no mention of Verna or Florence. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am so stumped! In the process of trying to get his death certificate from Ontario, but that is proving to be quite the process.
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