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Marriage data for HIESTAND, WETHERHOLT

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Re: Marriage data for HIESTAND, WETHERHOLT

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Hi Jess, I hope this gets to you. I too am a relative to Nancy Wetherholt and Mathusalem Hiestand. I am searching for the Wetherholt line in Pennsylvania. There were so many Wetherholts of the same first name. How did you find they were born in Fayette County in PA? All I have is PA but there are some census's with John(father?) in Fayette.
I do have the marriage record of Nancy and Mathusalem if you haven't found it yet.
Also I have a picture of Nancy and a few other Hiestands.
Let me know if you are still around or if you are interested in sharing info.
Katie katieceglia@hotmail.com
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