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Great NEW Search Engine !!

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Great NEW Search Engine !!

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Some of you may already have been to this NEW RootsWeb site, but I didn't see any "tracks" of anyone being there, so I thought I'd pass the information on.

It's called the "Social Security Death Index Interactive Search" page which is located at:


There are currently 103 AEBERSOLD'S, 145 EBERSOLD's, 1133 EBERSOLE's, 60 ABERSOLD's, 1216 EVERSOLE's and 1905 INGERSOL(L)'s listed there. Here is the information displayed for each individual:

Name: (Most times it shows Last Name, Given Name and Middle Initial)

Birth: (Most times it shows Day, Month and Year)

Death: (Most times it shows Day, Month and Year)

Last Residence: (Might say "none specified" or list the ZIP code, City, County and State)

Last Benefit: (Might say "none specified" or list the ZIP code, City, County and State)

SSN: (Shows full SSAN in ###-##-#### format)

Issued: (Shows state)

Tools: (This is the BEST part, see below)

You can create a SS-5 Letter by just clicking on a link. This letter is a third-part FIOA request addressed to the Social Security Administration to obtain a photocopy of the actual application for a Social Security card filed by the person you indicate. I don't know what information was on the old form but the current form SS-5 [Application for a Social Security Card] contains applicant's Full Name, Mailing Address, Citizenship, Date of Birth, Mother's name and Father's name. The only drawback is that each request must include a $7 fee. You'd have to put your own value on whether if is worth the price to obtain this information. I've just sent one in to see what comes back and if it's something I want to use for three other "suspect cousin's."

There is also a FREE tool. You can add a "Post'em Note" for any name indicated, leaving any message you want and your eMail address. You give your note a password so no one can edit or delete it. I'm busy filling in these "un-sticky notes" for every possible "suspect cousin." And of course, you can read anyone else's posting where you might find a researcher doing the same line as yours.

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