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Aebersold / Ebersold family - Tell, WI - Aarmühle, CH Family Book

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Aebersold / Ebersold family - Tell, WI - Aarmühle, CH Family Book

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Apellidos: Aebersold Ebersold Rocque
My name is Dale Ebersold. I am a third generation U.S. born U.S. citizen of Swiss descent. Family information available in the United States identify our family as Ebersold but all information I have found in earlier Swiss records identify our family as Aebersold.

I have completed nearly 40 years of research on the Carl Aebersold family who came to the United States in 1856 and eventually settled in the Town of Tell, Buffalo County, Wisconsin. This research has now been put to print in a family book entitled "The Aebersold / Ebersold Family - Aarmühle, Canton Bern, Switzerland - Tell, Buffalo County, Wisconsin." It covers this family's journey to America, Carl's siblings and ancestors, his children and his grandchildren. The names of the great-grandchildren are listed but no details of their lives because some are still living. I included a chapter on Joseph and Madeline Rocque because of the unique relationship between the families; Joseph and Madeline's two daughters married the widowed Carl and his son Charles.

Information on the availability of the book can be found at:

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