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AEBERSOLD's of Kirchdorf, Canton Bern, CH

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AEBERSOLD's of Kirchdorf, Canton Bern, CH

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I have identified my AEBERSOLD Great-Grandfather who immigranted to the United States in 1826:


Johannes AEBERSOLD, b. 23 Dec 1795, Place of Origin: Kirchdorf, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Magdalena HODLER, b. 14 May 1802, Place of Origin: Gurzensee, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Married: 25 Jan 1822, Place recorded: Kirchdorf, Canton Bern, Switzerland
Children born in Switzerland: Anna, b. 31 Mar 1822, Christian, b. 29 Aug 1824

After arrival in the United States the family name became ABERSOLD. My Grandfather, John ABERSOLD, was born 17 Nov 1827 in Switzerland Township, Monroe Co., Ohio. My father, George Emil ABERSOLD, b. 9 Oct 1875 (twin) was born in Adams Township, Monroe Co., Ohio.

I would be glad to share any information who anyone who would inquire. Thank you.

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