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AEBERSOLD's - Rochester, NY & Atlanta, GA

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AEBERSOLD's - Rochester, NY & Atlanta, GA

Robert Aebersold (Ver publicaciones)
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My father was Robert Charles Aebersold, Sr.

His father was Elmer Jacob Aebersold who married Margret Remilen.

His father was Jacob M. Aebersold who married Caroline Stierly in 1889. They were from Rochester, NY.

Jacob's father was Christian Aebersold -- possibly John Christian.

The Elmer Aebersold's moved to the Atlanta area in the '20's. We have found a picture of Jacob, Caroline and two of their daughters, Ida and Laura. There is also a baby in the photo identified as Charles Aebersold. No one seems to know of a Charles who was a sibling of Elmer's. As far as we know there were five children: Ida, Laura, Ella, Elmer and Gordon.

In addition, I wear Jacob's wedding ring. The inscription is spelled Abersold 1888.

Any thoughts?

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