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AH, Gun died in Salem, Oregon Asylum 1887

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AH, Gun died in Salem, Oregon Asylum 1887

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I found the name of AH, Gun on a list of names circulated by Oregon State Hospital patient memorial workgroup.

From the late 1800s to the 1970s the bodies of patients that were not claimd by family after their deaths at the mental hospital were burned and put into copper canisters/urns and then labeled and put on a shelf in an abandoned part of the hospital. The Oregon State Hospital, a mental facility, has been in Salem for about 123 years. If anyone thinks that their relative may be on the list of people that have gone unclaimed, please contact me at LiMaSum@aol.com and I'll look on the list. Or the list may still be available in pdf format online. You'll have to have adobe acrobat to read it.

This is the available info on the above mentioned:
Last name: AH
First name: Gun
medical records: 4/13/1887 age 39

So evidently they were living at the mental hospital in Salem, Oregon in 1918. And again, if he/she is your relation, he/she may still be available to be claimed by his/her family. There are thousands of urns waiting for their families.
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