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Atkinson Family in Lancashire, England

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Atkinson Family in Lancashire, England

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I am trying to find information on the Atkinson family.
I have a William Atkinson who I believe married
(on 27 May 1822 Lancaster, Lancashire, England) a Mary Brown (born abt 1801 in Lancashire).
They had 7 children
Thomas abt 1826 in Lancashire
Ann 17 Apr 1826 in Skerton, Lancashire - 4 Dec 1886 in Lancaster
Bridget 24 Jan 1829 in Lancaster, Lancashire
Ellen 11 Dec 1831 in Lancaster
William 1835 in Skerton, Lancashire - Jan 1901 in Lancaster
Richard abt 1838 in Lancashire
James Apr 1841 in Skerton, Lancaster

One of her sons Thomas (born abt 1826 in Skearton, Lancashire) married Ann (born 1821 in Lancashire – died 27 Feb 1884 in Lancaster). He was a Wood Hoop Maker.
They had 8 children. One of their sons William (born abt 1859 in Liverpool, Lancashire). Married Sarah Jane Bannister (born 21 March 1858 in Sawtry, Huntingdonshire). He became a photographer and lived in my area of East London. I am researching him as part of a project on Early East London Photographers.
I would be grateful for any information on the families.
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