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Alfred L Bhaer's first marriage

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Alfred L Bhaer's first marriage

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Apellidos: Babcock, Bhaer
I am looking for information on the location of A L Bhaer's marriage to Nellie Babcock. What I know is that they were not married in 1900 at the time of the census. They were not even in the same state. Their only child, dau Aline, was born 1902 in Colorado. The only source for this is Aline herself. I found it on her wedding lic., SS application, and her death cert. By 1904 Alfred Bhaer is back in Ohio and remarried. His wedding lic. states he has been married before and first wife is dead. In 1910 census Alfred in living with new wife in Illinois and dau Aline is living with grandparents, Charles and Ida Babcock, in Oregon.

Any help locating the marriage of Alfred and Nellie or information about Nellie's death would be very helpful. I have been looking for a long time. Aline is my grandmother. I have talked to members of Alfred's family from his brother Jay. They know of the second marriage but had no idea he had a first marriage or a child.


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