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George William Bishop (Bill Bishop)

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George William Bishop (Bill Bishop)

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Hi There

A long shot, but I'm trying to track down anyone who knows anything about this man. All I know is...

He was a LAC in the RAF, and as part of his service ended up in Belgium by September 1944
His service number was 926051
He had some connection with Bristol in 1941/2 - possibly came from there? If not, was possibly posted there (Filton?)? Or spent a leave there?
He was believed to be married and had two children by the war's end.
He may have referred to himself as "Bill" or "Bish", rather than George
He did (as far as I can tell) survive the war.

Apart from that I know very little and no other hard facts.

DOB? No idea. Spouses name? No idea.

If you have any clues or ideas, please get in touch.

Kind regards


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