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Looking for Biadasz or Biadacz family

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Re: Looking for Biadasz or Biadacz family

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I my name is carol I have been researching the Wozniak and Nowicka families and the name Biadacz, and Czerniak keep coming up My grandfather was born in slupca Poland his name was Frank Wozniak, he married Julianna Nowicka also from Slupca, most of her family still lives in slupca but they know very littes about the Wozniak family, my grandparents came to the usa, grand rapids, Michigan in 1913, they had three sons in Poland two came to the usa one was left behind and they live in slupca, Poland now , I am trying to research my grandfathers family do you have any wozniaks in your history, mother was Marianna tomaczyk and Marciej Wozniak had several brothers and sisters if you can help that would be great my e-mail is combca@sbcglobal.net thank you
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