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my grandmother

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Re: my grandmother

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I'm 34 years old. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico but right know I leave in the state of Virginia, USA and work for the U.S. Department of Defense.

There a few Biaggi's that move from corsica to Puerto Rico and then move back to Europe. this is the case of Jean Batiste Biaggi and His Brother Jose Biaggi they both born in Puerto Rico but moved to France when the still been children.

Jean Batiste is a retire Lawyer how work as a Legal advisor for the French President Charles De Gaulle also he is a War Hero in France. Today he is considered The wealthiest men in france. His brother Jose owned a international hotel chain and he is considered the 5th Welthiest men in france. Once in a while Jean go to Puerto Rico to visit my family.
Good look with you research and let me know what you find out. My greatgrandfather also move to Puerto Rico in the 1800's I don't remember his name but my Grandfather's name is Julio Cesar Biaggi Battestini.

The following info is good to know. I grew up in a town in Puerto Rico called Yauco. this was a big very big corsican settlement back in the day and every single year people from corsica travel to Yauco just to know the town and to know about their relatives that once use to live there and help to built the town.
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