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Bierbauer Family

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Land of our origin

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To all Bierbauers, Beerbowers,etc. who know their ancestors came from the town or neighborhood of Einselthun, Rhine-Pfalz, Bavaria, Germany, let me hear from you. We could be kin and I have info. to share if you do. I have been to Einselthum with my father and oldest son, Scott. We found no good rental car in Strassbourg, France so we went to a cab stand. Thay had wine tours of the countryside in the Rhine valley. We found a knowledgeable driver....he spoke no English,only French and Alsace-Deutsch. My father and son got in the back seat and off we went to find the family history. My grandmother, Alma Bierbauer raised me from birth in 1942 until her death in 1960. Mom and dad worked for the gov't in Washington,DC. I learned some German from Alma and to my surprise....much came. Alma Bierbauer Roberts was born in New Lisbon Wisc. in the 1880's and spoke German at home until five years old. Her Father was Peter,son of Henry Bierbauer and her mother was Barbara Rickeman, dau. of Henry Ruckeman. Hope to hear from anyone interested, Ben
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