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Bierbauer Family

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Re: Bierbauer fam. of Wisc.and Einselthum,Ger.

Peter Fauerbach (Ver publicaciones)
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Hi, Ben and Margaret Nielsen Fauerbach!
Sorry I have not checked this site very often. Here is what I have on Bierbauer, Scherer, Fauerbach. A lot of it from Margaret Fauerbach here in Madison.
July 13, 1860 census showing Henry Bierbauer and Barbara (Fauerbach) Bierbauer from Baerne, Germany. Both Fauerbach and Bierbauer families at the same address. 11 in all. We have notes suggesting that Peter Fauerbach was from Flomborn Germany. His father John Phillip Fauerbach was from Einselthum - a tailor and then a grain mill operator.
John Phillip's father was John Peter Fauerbach a farmer. John Peter had a brother Henry who married Catherine Scherer from Flomborn. John Peter also had a son Henry who married Barbara Scherf(the same person as who later married John Phillip after Henry died in 1825. Barbara died in 7/12/1866.
They had two children Catherine and Jacob. Jacob married Katherine Sultan in N.Y. This is the start of the eastern branch of the family. You will find Fauerbach's in Virginia.
I am not sure about the Kansas, Texas, and Kentucky branch. Haven't made the connection yet. Since surnames were toponomic(geographical) anyone who hailed from Fauerbach, Germany in the olden days may have that name - a common german tradition.

As far as Henry Bierbauer and the brewery. I recently found an etched beer glass from 1880 or so - "one of 4 known" I am told. I know the New Lisbon Peter Fauerbach's moved to Madison before 1870 due to the census and other history. I assume the Mankato Biebauer brewery was founded by a relative or offspring of Henry Bierbauer.
I am interested in the New Lisbon and Germany history.
More Later...Peter 608.233.2211

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