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Philip Bierbower / Julia Ann Zeigler

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Philip Bierbower / Julia Ann Zeigler

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Apellidos: Bierbower, Black, Dickinson, Zeigler
Good morning,

I am hoping someone might be able to clear up some confusion I have regarding Philip Bierbower and his wife, Julia Ann Zeigler, from Perry County, Pennsylvania.

My question involves "Lydia Black," who is living with Philip and Julia Ann in 1860 in Perry County, Pennsylvania. The family group also includes two juveniles with the last name Black, presumably Lydia's children. One of them, John C Black, is my 3rd great grandfather.

In 1880, Julia Ann is living with John C Black and his wife, Bianca, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her relationship to the head of household was listed as 'grandmother.'

Based on this, I thought Lydia must be Philip and Julia Ann's daughter. However, when I found her gravestone, it clearly shows her maiden name to be Dickinson.

I can't seem to figure out who Lydia is and how Philip and Julia Ann connect with John C Black and it's starting to drive me crazy :) Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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