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Clarification and Assistance PLEASE

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Clarification and Assistance PLEASE

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I'm really starting to love those little leaf hints here. However, I'm finding they're not entirely accurate. For example, after a little while of using some of the hints provided by the leaves on my father's side of my genealogy...I looked back to discover he now had a date of death! My father is alive and well. So, I'm stopping all concrete knowledge with my paternal grandparents and creating this post in the hopes that someone can give me some accurate information on my past! I don't have a lot of information to start us out, and I'm not 100% positive of some of the dates...but here we go...

Edward Charles Boadway (my dad) was born on January 24, 1936, to Royal Charles Boadway and Mary Louise (Condon) Boadway. His siblings are:

1. Woodrow Boadway (not sure of middle name) - born January 24, 1919 (I don't think this is accurate as the only one I remember dad sharing a bday with is his twin brother) - died October 20, 1991 (not positive of this date).

2. Marion Boadway (not sure of middle name) - don't know birth or death dates - married Jerry Branson/Bransen (can't remember how they spelled it! Pretty sure it was with the "o").

3. Mildred Mary Boadway - born 11/14/1923 (not positive) - died in 2001, I think - can not remember who she married

4. Royalda Boadway (not sure of middle name) - born in 1925, I think - still alive, I believe - can not remember husband's name, possibly Suralik (Suralik was either Roy's or Millie's husband's last name)

5. Myrtle Boadway (not sure of middle name) - born in 1928, I think - still alive, I believe - married a man whose last name was/is Toth

6. Francis Gabriel Boadway (called Gay) - born sometime in 1938, I think - still alive & living in Arizona - married a woman named Judy (cannot remember her maiden name)

7. Freddie Boadway (cannot remember middle name - born 1/24/36 (dad's twin bro) - still alive - never married - living in Saranac Lake, NY.

Grandpa (Royal Charles Boadway) was born on 2/1/1893, I think and died sometime in 1950, again not sure.

Grandma (Mary Louise Condon Boadway) was born on 10/2/1896, I think. She died sometime in 1976, just before I was born (maybe July? I was born Jan 1977).

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Leave a reply here, send a msg here, or email me at livz2write@live.com


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