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Braasch in Nebraska

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Braasch in Nebraska

Lori Zastrow (Ver publicaciones)
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I'm looking for descendants of Wilhelmina BRAASCH, b. 4 Jul 1843, d. 5 Feb 1907, and William DUHRING/DUEHRING, b. 17 Sep 1848, d. 1 Jan 1916, her husband. They originated in Prussia, moved to the Ixonia/Lebanon area of Wisconsin and then moved to Norfolk, Nebraska in 1866. They had three daughters, Emma, Martha and Mary. They attended St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Ixonia, when they lived in Wisconsin.
Wilhelmina's father was Herman BRAASCH. He was one of three men who traveled to Nebraska to search out a place to live. When they returned, they packed up everything they owned and traveled to Nebraska with about 42 other families.

My great great grandfather was Wilhelm DUHRING/DUEHRING, b. 24 Oct 1838 in Prussia and moved to Lebanon, Wisconsin. Wilhelm married Wilhelmina BUENNIGN of Lebanon, Wisconsin. If my suspicions are correct, William & Wilhelm are cousins.

I'd appreciate any information. Thank you.
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