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William C. F. Braasch - New York

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William C. F. Braasch - New York

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Apellidos: Braasch, Wilkens, Rasmussen, Strain...
Need ANY info on Braasch family, particularly William C.F. Braasch, born 1836 in Algeborg, Holstein, Germany. Father: Heinrich A. Braasch - Mother: Maria Wilkens.

William C.F. Braasch married Henrietta H. (born 1838 in Prussia), and they had eight (known) children: Mary H.W. (1861-?); William H.F. (1863-?); Amanda M. (1865-?); Arthur A.F. (1867-?); Edward C. (1869-?); Henrietta C. (1872-?); Robert A. (1874-?); Max B. (1876-?).

All of this info taken from 1880 census, and lists residence as NYC, New York. This is virtually all I have, so ANY info (especially any info on parents of William C.F. tracing to Germany) would be deeply appreciated.


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