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Henry Braasch (1850) and Auguste Wagner (abt 1852)

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Henry Braasch (1850) and Auguste Wagner (abt 1852)

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I am trying to locate information on this couple. Both of them were born in Germany.

They had seven children: Charles (1852), Bruno (1858), Helena (1860), Emma (1862), Jenny or Penny (1964), Herman (1867) and Minna (1873). The first three children were born in Wisconsin, the last four were born in Illinois.

Charles married Louise Floore (Moore) born about 1850 in Missouri. They had three children: Hennie (1886), Cora (1888) and Louis (1891). All three children were born in Illinois. Louise died in 1914 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Cora Braasch was my grandmother.

Any assistance that any one can provide would be greatly appreciated as I have come to a dead-end.

Thank you.
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