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Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Re: Walborg Braaten daughter of Otto Braaten, Lilestrom, Norway

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Who is Ottar?

Re. Braaten name, I don't think life timeline info or parents for Otto's parents were investigated, or Josephine family, or birth records for Johan Hansen's children (which would name a residence) or confirmation records (ditto). Also the bygdebok hasn't been checked for history of farm ownership, etc. Clearly the family did live on Braaten at one known point, and lived next door at Teigen at another point. We did not investigate where they lived after 1910 until emigration, though we found a 1920s reference to John as being from Teigen. Attention turned away from that research, and at this point I'm not available to help. You'll need to know more about the Braaten family to understand how deeply connected they were to Braaten gaard (farm)....

No family originates on a known farm, really - moving back in time to a point of origin, lines of ancestry will disappear into the mists of pre-history. But as for who was born where, amongst the individuals identified so far - that answer can be found in the church records.

Hope that helps.
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