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Karoline Braatan (born 1883 Norway)

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Re: Karoline Braatan (born 1883 Norway)

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The 1900 census for Braaten, posted earlier, is cast in a different light, given the additional research. This is one extended family (rather than Ole Iversen and offspring being simply hired help). The head of household Martin Braaten b 1863 in Hof is Ole's son Martin (Karoline's brother). Martin's full date of birth is included in the 1910 census below - same as the date posted earlier for Martin.

1900 census - link posted earlier
Martin Braaten b 1863
Hanna Braaten b 1862
Helga Braaten b 1888
Ole Braaten b 1889
Johanne Braaten b 1891
Marie Braaten b 1895
Ester Braaten b 1897
Emil Braaten b 01.09.1899
plus Ole Iversen 1834, Karoline 1883, Torvald 1875
Per Olsen b 1875 in Hof could be a brother with wrong birth year
Halvor Eberhardsen b 1884 -
Johanne Braaten b 1822 is "e" - means enke, widow

An additional child for Martin and Hanna is
Minda Braaten
born 07.09.1901 (per 1910 census).

1910 census, Martin's family is still at Braaten in Aasnes. Torvald (brother of Karoline and Martin) is still there with them - he is now called Torvald Braaten. Link:

BTW the letters aa are the same as Å, and Aasnes is also written Åsnes. We also found it written Aasnæs.

Here's a Geni tree with Martin, his wife, and two of their children - no parents or siblings for Martin.

An online discussion says Martin's daughter Johanne married Martinius Holtet:

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