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Anne Brabs, b. 1653, m. John Battell, Bubwith Yorkshire

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Anne Brabs, b. 1653, m. John Battell, Bubwith Yorkshire

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Apellidos: Brabs Brab Brabbs Brabb Battell Battel Battle Hardy Hardie Hemingbrough Hembrough Hembroff
Anne Brabs, b. 1653 Bubwith Yorkshire, m. 22 May 1677 at Bubwith to John Battell, b. 1652 Bubwith (hereafter John #1).

Anne's parents unknown -- no known siblings. John #1's mother unknown but maybe b. 1653 Bubwith. His father is George Battell, b. 1624 at Bubwith. John #1 has a younger brother also named George.

Only known child of Anne + John #1 is John Battel (or Battell) (hereafter John #2), m. Elizabeth Hardy and was a cordwainer (i.e. shoemaker) in Selby, nr Bubwith.

Only known child of Elizabeth + John #2 is Mary Battel, ch. 21 Feb 1713 at Ellerton by Bubwith, d. 20th + bu. 22nd May 1790, both at Riccall. Mary m. John Hemingbrough, fisherman, b. 23 May 1738 at Selby, ch. 12 Feb 1716 at Cliffe, d. 12th + bu. 14th Aug 1805 at Riccall. Their children are: Ann b. 1739; Mary b. 1742; John b. 1744; Richard b. 1747; Robert b. 1749; Joseph b. 1753, d.age 7 yrs; Elizabeth #1 b + d 1756; Elizabeth #2 b. 1758.

In the 1830's several Brabs / Brab / Brabb / Brabbs family lines emigrated to USA and are extensively documented thereafter. But the earliest records of the Brabs / Brab / Brabb / Brabbs family appear in the Bubwith about 1630 -- only a generation before Anne's birth. Solid info + relationships are difficult to secure. Any information about Anne Brabs, her ancestors, parents, siblings, other children (if any), descendants or relatives will be gratefully received.

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