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Byams in the UK

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Re: This is getting interesting...

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Thanks for the posting. I admit I haven't been working on my Byam genealogy for some time, the last few years I've been involved in Danish and English research on my mother's side. However I recently came across some new info on another of my old Yankee lines (John Balch of Beverly MA) which leads me to wonder what I might discover now, versus 15 years ago. There certainly have been a lot of developments in that time. When I can get back to it, I will post anything interesting. I am just outside of Boston and have a lot of local resources available here. Keep digging for those roots!

Re the Antigua and other Island lines of the Byam family. It reminds me of the detail in the book about the character of Roger Byam in Mutiny on the Bounty. Apparently, Roger was a fictional character, but supposedly so named because "Byam was a name with lots of connection to the British Navy". Now I understand that there are lots of Island "natives" named Byam, so apparently these navy boys spread a lot more than just British commerce.... our trees probably have many, many more branches! Be well. LB
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