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Have had some interesting news... apparently a major line of Byams were priests during the reformation in Somerset. After squeezing my father for more information he has recalled reading memoirs of a distant family relative who was a priest. He also recalls a map which showed 'Fort Byam' in Antigua a place apparently colonised by the Byams! So lots of pieces are now coming together!There is a painting by Gainsborough that shows this Byam family and I'm going to have a look this weekend to see if I can see any family features. We all tend to have a flatish nose... hard to describe maybe I'll tick a picture up someday, can anyone relate to this distinguishing feature!! I also have more accurate family details from my father : My greatgrandfather was Albert Edward Byam and his sons were Samuel Byam, George Byam, Ernie Byam, Olly (Oliver) Byam and Arthur Byam, there were also five girls but he doesn't remeber their names!! Apparently, they all dwelled around the Higham area of Suffolk. SO it will be interesting to see where this all now goes......
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