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John D. Byard

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Re: John D. Byard

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Well I am not sure if anyone has gotten any further on their trees with John D. Byard, but I have some new information for him. I have all his military records from the War of 1812 along with a letter to Prudence and his children. John states that his middle name was " Decker" not "Dycus" , Decker was his mother's maiden name. I am not sure now where or how we came about that his middle name was "Dycus" in the first place. I am also searching the "The Bayard Family" of New York I think there may be a connection with this family .... ?? Again it's a work in progress...

Also Prudence never received John's pension before she died. She fought many years for it but died during the process and from what I can tell the kids continued after her death. I also was able to trace Salina their daughter, she married Nathaneil Adam Hester and most likely died in Wolf River,Kansas. Isadora Byard married John Baugh and died 1918 in Indiana. I also have a Picture of Enoch that was in my grandmothers albums and also one of Sally Suiter who later married Mack Baggett.
Enoch's first marriage was to a Susan Ann Rose they married Jul 14, 1867, she died 1885 and is buried in Keesee Cemetery... he married Sally Suiter in 1885. Enoch and Susan had to have children together during their time together. Records are scarce during this time in Tennessee since where these records were kept has burned down several times. This is why I can not find any info on my Wynn/Winn, Martin, Turner and some Byard lines. Contact me for more info
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