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Byard Reunion

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Re: Byard Reunion

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Hello Diane

This message was also emailed directly to you.

A cousin, John Byard, and I are planning a trip to Iowa to learn about the Byards out there. John wants to research some of the Byards that migrated from Wetzel County, WV to Iowa. I am going along to learn what I can about the Byard and Allen families.

You should contact John: jbyard40@hotmail.com and ask him to share. He may have several questions for you also. John has provided me with more information than I can ever hope to repay, and I am very grateful for this.

We attend a Byard reunion in Akron, Ohio. We also have planned a Byard reunion for June 11, 2005 in New Martinsville, WV. New Martinsville, WV is in Wetzel County and very near to an area where most of our ancestors are from. I was just at a Barr Reunion in Mobley, WV. The Barr family is from the same area that many of the Byards were from. Many of the Barr family are still in the same area.

The reunion in June 2005 will include Barr, Roberts, Byard, Taylor, Hinerman and Gump descendants.

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