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Jonathan "John" Byas/Bias, Revolutionary War

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Jonathan "John" Byas/Bias, Revolutionary War

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Apellidos: Byas, Bias
I am a descendant of Jonathan "John" Byas/Bias, son of James Byas/Bias and Elizabeth (possibly Larkin). I had always heard John served during the Revolutionary War. There was a Captain John Byas/Bias from Louisa County, Virginia, who served in the war, but he does not appear to be "my" John Byas/Bias.

While searching Fold3 for John Byas in Revolutionary War records, I came across a Private John Byas who served in Captain Joseph Scott's Company* of the 1st Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel James Hendricks, and/or Lieutenant Colonel Green, and/or Colonel Richard Parker, and/or Colonel Isaac Read. This John Byas enlisted for a three-year term and was a Waggoner at Morris Town. Of the 24 documents I viewed, John is listed as "Byas, John." His surname is spelled three other ways (once each): Buyes/and Byas on the same record, Bayas, and Byass. He is listed as a "Private" in all documents. Does anyone have any information on this John Byas? Is this John Byas from Louisa County, Virginia?

*This company was designated at various times as Capt. William Lynn's and Capt. Joseph Scott's Company.

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