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byers of Cavan

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Re: byers of Cavan

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Hi Jane,
My Grandmother is Winifred Doreen Thredgold who I think is your mother's sister. Win died when my father and his brother were young and my Grandfather remarried a woman by the name of Greta Longford.
Did your Grandparents live at Allenby Gardens? I have quite clear memories of visiting Auntie Linda and Uncle Col with Grandma and Grandpa as a young girl.
My father has only quite recently started talking in any depth about his family and a few things are starting to make sense. Really he has little knowledge of his family and has been quite surprised at what we have managed to discover. Always the sceptic!
I am expecting some information from Nagambie in the next few days re the Hunters.
We have only just started looking at the records held at the Public Records Office, Margarets story could take some work.
Gordon McKay was an early overseer at Bungaree and many of the Scots who arrived in SA following the clearances in Scotland came to Clare and surrounds. Bungaree records go for miles in the State Library archives, it may be interesting to look at the records.
You have already put in a lot of time and we have only been looking for a couple as yet.

Prue and Michael

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