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byers of Cavan

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Re: byers of Cavan

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helllo Jane,
We were directed to the cemetery by Helen Dickeson of Clare. Helen has written a book about the Clare Presbyterian Church 1856-1988. The book contains a lot of information about the early settlers of the Clare area, including a fair bit about the Hunters.
Helen provided us with a plan of the Gaelic cemetery and we have assumed that Margaret was a Presbyterian as she is buried there.
Margaret is quite a mystery, we have yet to date her arrival here in SA and we have no idea who her parents were.
Documented on Edward and Margarets marriage licence are Gordon McKay (very well know in the area) and Robert(Roberta?)McDonald as witnesses.
I have also been unable to find any early information about her daughter Wilhelmina.
I am Margarets great-granddaughter x3 and know very little about the women of my fathers family. I am keenly gathering what ever information I can.

Kind Regards
Prue and Michael
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