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My grandmother was Mary Bybel married Oskem Fusiak in Jersey City, NJ in 1927. The marriage certificate lists her last name as Brabel, but I know this is not correct based on conversation with her as a child. She immigrated from Zydnia, Austria (now Poland or Urkaine). Her SS application lists her father as Frank Beble. This is the extend of the information that I have on this branch of my family.

I did locate two John Bybel in the 1920 US Census for NJ: Hudson County, Jersey City, Enumeration District 116 listed at living at 136 Morris Street (sheet 38B, image 76), immigrated in 1910 from Galicia and listed as married. The second (sheet 42a image 83), age 37, immigrated in 1902 immigrated from Russia and listed as married.

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