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Kewaunee County Wisconsin Cmejla's

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Kewaunee County Wisconsin Cmejla's

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Apellidos: Cmejla/Cmeyla
I am looking into my father-in-law's maternal line. His mother was Lillie Cmejla (born June 1, 1896). She married Herman Oeffner and they moved to Michigan. Her father was Frank Cmejla and grandparents were Josef and Barbara Cmejla. In my search of the records for Wisconsin I've found several Cmejlas that I can't tie to Josef and Barbara's line. Does anyone know if/how Bedrick Cmejla is related? Also, I have a print out of a ship's passenger list showing that a Franz, Franska, Carl, Ruzena and Ferdinand Cmejla arrived in the US in 1883. Is there a connection between them and the Wisconsin Cmejla's?

Thanks for any information that might clear up some of the confusion for me!
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