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Csech , Osech

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Re: Csech , Osech

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Apellidos: Csech, Osech, Gsech, Couch
Our Joseph Csech was born June 1897 in NY, he had other brothers and sisters: Franky, Edward Andrew, Emma, Mary Veronica, Lena (Lina), Albert Alexander and Harold J. all with the last name of Csech. I have attached a picture of Josephs Interment card.

There father was Andrew L. Osech was used on the Census, but the last name is really Csech. He was born 1867 in Austria. He was married to a Amelia A. Csech (also listed on Census as Gsech and Osech and Couch). She was born Jun 1871 in Russia, Austria and Hungary.

Let me know if this is a match.
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