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Missing Relatives

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Re: Missing Relatives

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wow so much has been learned about us {Cseh} My Name is Michael Laszlo Cseh my father is Laszlo Cseh who came to the us during the revolution. It took 40+yrs to grasp the complexity that each and ever CSEH is related. I has ben in Fl when I happened to run into Myself well not really but another Michael Cseh after talking with the other Michael who was much older than I I was told of how and why we are all realated.
IN our family we can go back a century++ and find that the Cseh families were large famlies of 10-13 children of most were boys. As grandfathers had sons, sons had sons again large familes were the norm, so the numbers grew . It was never changed our name was not changed but our ancestery was large to begin with and as our familes came to the US and children were born here you would be amazed how many Cseh's are here in the US today, but fear not each and everyone of us is family, generations upon generations of US, never feel funny or strange should you happen like like me to run into myself LOL well sorta but once we talked about our familes we knew a bond was there. Ohh yeah we have some serb and some croatia in our family tree as well

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