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Distel roots in Germany

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Re: Distel roots in Germany

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My husband is descended from Fredrick Distel who was a brother of Christina Distel Erickson married to Claus) of North Platte, NE. I would appreciate any info that you can provide. I am willing to share what I have. I have pictures of some of the Erickson's family etc. I also have writeups and etc. My husband's grandmother lived to age 103 in North Platte (and lived next door to the Erickson's) and we have the info that was left in her house. I have info on Fredrick's family. I have Fredrick's marriage info. I knew Nettie one of Christina's daughters. Also, I have photo's and letters from the Cartwights and the Wolfe's.

Judy Hinman
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