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Re: Sarah/Engeltje

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Apellidos: Emans, Emmons, Van Cleef
John Eman's second wife was name Engeltje or Engelte Laurens, widow of Jan Van Cleef. They married 14 March 1701/2 in Gravesend.

March the fourteenth day 1700/1 John Emans & Angelca V. Clefe are pronounced man and & wife by Colo. Gerhandus Beekman Quoram Justice.

[Source:Gravesend Records. Town Records-No. 1 (Copies) 1666-. Transcription by John L. Voorhies. New York Municipal Archives Microfilm Roll No. 62, Item 3010
p. 520]

This was entered into the town records at the time that John Emans was the town clerk.

Bergen transcribed the date as March 4, 1701 when he published his abstract of the marriage records found scattered through out the town records. See Tunis G. Bergen, "Marriage Reocrds, Gravesend, L. I.," New York Genealogical and Biographical Record Vol. 4 (1873): 199-200.

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