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Requesting Details re: Jacob FOAT Line

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Re: Details re: Jacob & Sarah FOAT Descendants (USA)

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If I have this right, YOUR grandmother, Bertha, is MY great grandmother, Edith's, sister. Edith married Lenno Garlock. They had 4 children: Clara (my grandmother), Kenneth (who never married/no children), Hazel (still living), and Rolland (still living). Clara married Charles Klekot and had a son, Kenneth "Jerry". Charles was killed in a motorcycle accident when Jerry was an infant. Clara then married Charles Webber (Charles Klekot's bestfriend and my grandfather). They had 11 children together, one of them being my father, John. SO...that would make YOUR grandmother MY dad's great aunt, and you and my father cousins of some kind. Right? Most of my family is still in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. My parents have recently moved back "home" after Dad retired. Once again, it is great to meet a relative and thank you for whatever help you can give me. ~jolie
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