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Requesting Details re: Jacob FOAT Line

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Details re: Jacob & Sarah FOAT Descendants (USA)

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The "Records" I have are based on research on here and talking to people found through here or on name searchs. I think its been colaborated by enough long lost relatives to back it up, ::smiles:: but I could be wrong. John Foat was one of the 17(?) children of Jacob and Sarah Foat. He was born Febuary 17th, 1876 in Wisconsin and died sometime in the early 20th Century in Flasher North Dakota. His wife was Annie Crandall Foat, who it seems had been married twice before. Their children were Robert, Ray, Lois, Arthur, Florence and Millie. One of the people running around here (or is it in my other contacts) is a grandson of Ray. I know Millie and Florence had children, I don't know about Lois. Arthur and his wife Helen (she still lives in Flasher) never had children. Robert was born on March 17th, 1900 and married Dorthy Simpkins who may have been from Montana. They settled in Oregon and had four children, Laveve, George, Glenna and a child (I do not know the name) who died in infancy. Glenna, of all the children , still lives and is in Oregon. With a little luck I will make it up there this year and talk to her, with a whole lot of luck I'll make it to Flasher and see Helen.
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