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Interest in Sharing FOAT Family Photos

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Re: FOAT Photos & Family Details

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Hello! I doubt you are still using ancestry, and you may not even see this message, but I would love to try anyway! My great-great-grandfather would be Delbert Foat, who was Lorenzo's brother (I believe). I would love to see any photos and to share what little I have too. I started with little to no information years ago, because I never knew my fathers side of the family. To make it a little easier to see how I fall into place...

Delbert Foat, had a son named Chester Foat (great grandfather).
Chester Foat then had a son named Marlyn Foat (grandfather, who I never met)
Marlyn Foat then had a son named Michael Russell Foat (my father) with my grandmother, Geraldine Kelly.

I hope one day you see this!
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