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Researching FOAT in South Africa

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Re: FOAT Family in Liverpool, England

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Hi Tony
I know this thread is rather old but ...
I also am a tony foate i.e. the e was added by my grandfather when he emigrated to New Zealand.
Did you get a response to your questions?
I am interested in your family branch. I see your father, Leslie, married Joan Hampton.
I believe your grandfather was Samuel R Foat who married Edna Sykes n 1930 (in West Derby)
My questions are:
- did your father have brothers and sisters?
- who was your paternal GG grandfather and grandmother i.e. Samuel's parents?
- is John H Foat - wife a Cowley - part of your family group?
- do Frank Henry Foat (born 1901) and John Henry Foat (born 1905) fit into your family group?
Look forward to hearing from you.
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