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Looking for Frabels

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Re: Looking for Frabels

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looking for Helen Frabel....now.... supposed to be the mother of Lovina Eastwood Murdock/Murdoch. We have a mystery and cannot tie the information together because we have two names for Lovina's Mother and no name for her father. in the 1870 census and later census', Lovina says her father was born in Germany, but Lovina's youngest daughter told my father ...her father's name was Eastwood and he was a ship captain on the St. Lawrence River. Still another granddaughter of Lovina wrote down that Lovina's mother was Susan Halliday. We are all wondering what is really the truth here.

They would have been from the Thousand Islands, Clayton, NY or Ganonoque, Ontario areas on the American and Canadian sides of the River.
thank you
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