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Anyone out there!

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Re: Anyone out there!

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Looks like we're the only ones looking for Fublers on the website.

Per the handwritten 1920 US census card, my great grandmother, Blanche Tucker was 34 at the time of the census living as a border in New York, NY with a Mr. Robert DeShields and a seamstress.

I recently found out that she was pregnant with my
grandmother (Olive Tucker-Wright) at the time she came
from Bermuda to NY. I also found that she never
registered for a social security card and was
therefore never really a "legal" citizen. The 1930
census record shows that she was then 43 years old,
married to David Dorsey in Tarrytown, NY and that's
where the info ends.

I still have relatives on the island with the surnames
Tucker and Fubler. Claude & Valita Fubler visited us
in NJ back in the late 70's or early 80's. The other
older relatives from Bermuda stay in contact with and
call my aunts in NY, but I've never really known them.
One of my aunts from Bermuda (Marilyn) came to my
wedding in TN in 2001.

Any info you could provide would be most helpful. If I
find any more, I'll let you know.

Thanks & God Bless,
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