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I spoke with my Uncle Mike once when I was about 21 he said all these kind things to me. About how he remembered seeing me when I was little once and told me about his daughter. He said he would speak with my father and to get back with him. So I did just that, the results were horrorable he said cruel mean things to and denied me. So tell me how do I go about making a friendship with someone that denies you? Look I'm going to be 33 now and it's taken someone 3yrs to reply to me. I now have 2 children and am on my 2nd marriage. I really need to have some closer with my father, I just want to meet with him one time. I have family medical questions also my daughter was born 8/12/03 with a medical issue and almost died. I just need some questions answered and I'll go away. Please help me and tell me who you are.... call me if need be 661-428-8457 ask for Joy
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