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Marybeth Martone (Ver publicaciones)
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Okay, here's what I got! My paternal grandmother was Chiarina Fucci.
Born in Cervinara, Italy in 1883. She had a deceased older sister named
Chiara, hence Chiarina (little Chiara). Her father may have been Andre or
Andrea. She had a niece nephew Carrie Andrew, possible last name, Cerasoli.
Actually, the last name is right, I'm just not sure of the spelling. Additionally,
I believe some members moved to southern Ohio. More than likely she would have
entered America at Ellis Island in NYC. I don't know when. She married Antonio
Martoni (1883--1933)in NYC and had 9 children. Eight girls, Mary, Celia, Lily, Blanche,
Jenny, Margaret, Dora, Agnes and John (my father).

Unfortunately I know very little about any of my forebears on either side of the family.
What I've given you is all I know and the only member of this family (Fucci/Martoni)left alive is my Aunt Blanche,
who unfortunately is in her 90s and suffers from dementia.

Anyway, Chiarina Fucci married Antonio Martoni and they lived in Manhattan, NYC, NY.
After his death in 1933 she eventually moved to Washington Avenue in the Bronx, NYC, NY.
She died in late 1957.

That's all I have. Anyone out there!

Marybeth Martone
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