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Hall Family - Anderson County

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Re: Hall Family - Anderson County

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Joe and Leah Hall lived in Anderson County while they were married. They had children Burton Early , Ethel, Carl Everett, and nephew George Hall living with them in the 1920 census. In the 1930 census, they had children.Ethel, Carl, Mary Ella, Edith, Violet, and Nettie. Only one not listed is William (Bill) the youngest.

In the 1910 census, you see Peggie Hall as Head of household with her children Mary and George (the nephew from above census), and her brother David Hall.

Mary (Peggie's daughter) grew up and married Huston Graham. They had several children, in the 1930 census Huston and Mary Hall Graham had children Edward, Georgette, Willie, and George, and had BIL George Hall (Mary's brother) living with them.

All the census are from Anderson Co.
My MIL's family is all from around Clinton. She says her dad Joe Hall was born in Anderson county. The only siblings she knew of (not saying there were't more) of her father's were Tom, Peggie, and David.
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